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Sailor Mars Hi may name is Raye, but in this homepage I will be called "Rei." I live with my grandfather at the Cherry Hill Temple. I used to have a crush on Darien but now Serena got him because of "Destiny." It seems that I can't really get along with Serena, but actually I'm very fond of her! Maybe Chad will go out with me, hmm..... I use Mars Star Power to transform into Sailor Mars. The powers I have are:

Mars Fire (Ignite!)
I use this power in Sailor Moon, to burn and cause fear in enemies. I've once even combined my Mars Fire attack with Sailor Moon's tiara.

Anti-Evil Signs
This is the my power that I received when I became a priestess at the Cherryhill Temple. DiC Production's is incorrect when they say that this power is the power of Mars. Because it isn't.

Mars Fire Surround
I use this power in Sailor Moon R, I first used it when my grandpa started Martial Arts class. It turns out that the students in his class were from the Negaverse Of The Dark Moon!

*  *  *

Sailor Jupiter Hi I am Lita. I am an expert at fighting, and loves to cook. My parents died in a plane crash so now I must support myself. My crushes on people? Well they include ice-skater Meesha, and Andrew. There was even once where I even teamed up with Serena to become "The Love Soldiers." That was the time when we found out that Andrew had a girlfriend that was a archeologist, and had to go to Africa. I transform into Sailor Jupiter with Jupiter Star Power. My powers are:

Jupiter Thunder
I use this power in Sailor Moon. With this power, I summon the gods of thunder and ligtning to give me the power to electricute my enemies.

Jupiter Thunder Dragon
This power is used when I am very angry. It's very useful in zapping enemies.

Jupiter Thunder Clap Crash
This power is used in Sailor Moon R. I use it as a normal attack in that series.

*  *  *

Sailor Venus I am Mina. I was first the lone Sailor named Sailor V. But now I am guarded by the white cat Artemis. I join the other scouts right after the fight right before Tuxedo Mask turns evil. I remember that time like it was yesterday. Zoisite had dressed herself up like Sailor Moon, I had saved Tuxedo mask that time but it has seemed that he really needed my help because he had a very deep wound. I use Venus Power to transform into Sailor Venus. My powers are:

Cresent V
With this power I shoot my enemies with beams. It's very useful attack that I use in Sailor Moon.

Cresent V Shower
With this power I shoot my enemies with multiple beams. I use this power when I am really angry.

Venus Love Chain
I get this power in Sailor Moon R. With this power I have this long chain where I actually shoot the chain to my enemies.

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