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Hi! Welcome to the Sailor Moon Quiz page. Remember class no cheating!! People caught cheating will get a automatic zero! That goes for you too Serena!! Anyhow be prepared to take out a piece of paper and jot down all your anwers. Then check them by click on those nifty boxes. To score a perfect score like how Amy did you would need a score of 55. Any score below a 25 is a failure!

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The Quiz
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  1. What is Sailor Saturn's family name?

  2. Name the four generals from the Negaverse (Dark Kingdom). Japanese names are also acceptable.

  3. How many Rainbow Crystals were there before they converged to form the Silver Crystal?

  4. Give the name of the video arcade where Andrew (Motoki) works at.

  5. What are the full names of Sailor Uranus and Neptune?

  6. Name one of the two items that Sailor Mercury has that none of the other Sailor Scouts have.

  7. Which of the Sailor Scouts/Senshi are in possession of the three talismans (from Sailor Moon S series)?

  8. List (in order of appearance in the anime) the ten Sailor Scouts.

  9. List (in order of birthdate) the ten Sailor Scouts.

  10. What is Sailor Moon's name?

  11. List all the identities that Darien/Mamoru has. (Hint: There are five of them).

  12. In what series does Reeny (Chibi-Usa) actually becomes a Sailor Scout?

  13. Name the Scouts who have possession of the following items...
    • Space Sword
    • Moon Scepter
    • VR visor
    • Garnet Orb
    • Aqua Mirror
    • Silence Glaive
    • Moon Kaleidoscope

  14. Where did Venus/Sailor V live before she moved to Tokyo?

  15. Name the two magical cats, and the Sailor Scouts that are in possession of them.

  16. What is the name of the series previous to Sailor Moon S?

  17. Who are the villains in the Sailor Moon R Movie?

  18. What is the name of Serena's (Usagi) teacher?

  19. What is the name of the creator of Sailor Moon?

  20. What year did Sailor Moon started airing in Japan?

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