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Hi! I am Sailor Mercury I am the so-called "Brains Of The Sailor Scouts." When I first went to Crossroads Junior High many thought I was strange and weird because all I do is study. Even Luna thought I was strange and thought that I was from the Negaverse. I met with Serena one day, she introduced me to the Sailor V Video Game. It was a challenging game but to me it was easy. Unfortunetly I had to leave due to the fact that I would be lated for my computer class. Serena went to the Computer class where I went. For some reason all chaos broke out. The teacher was a monster!! I then had the Mercury sign on my forehead dubbing me as "Sailor Mercury!" The powers I have are:

Mercury Bubble
This power fogs up the whole room. I use it as a defense attack for the scouts.

Mercury Bubble Freeze
I use this power to freeze my enemies. When I am real angry I use this power.

Mercury Ice Storm
This power freezes my enemy. I use this power along with my bubbles. One defense one offense. I change into Sailor Mercury with Mercury Star Power. I have a crush on Greg who is a psychic boy.I even fought him once when Zoisite transformed him into a hideus monster. That time Greg kept on telling me to kill him but I had told him that in life we decide our destinies. Well.... Bye!

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