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Tuxedo Mask

Thanks for meeting me here! My name is Darrien, the Japanese call me Chiba Mamoru. I was orphaned when I was a little boy so I'm not really sure who I am. Once Sailor Moon started showing up I began to show up too. It was pretty strange the first time I transformed into Tuxedo Mask was when I had this piercing pain. Strange I guess. Now I just await my wedding day with Serena. Whoa! That will cost a bundle. Though it may seem that me and Serena are just lovy-dovy but it never used to be like that, though. I used to always make fun of her like talk about her hair, or this insult that I remembered, "I know you're going to fail [Serena]. You're never on time, you're always cramming junk food into your mouth, and you can't walk one block without falling down... and taking at least three other people with you." I know, I know it's mean but I can't help it, Serena is so easy. But now I know not to dis her. I don't really have any good attacks or nothing but my powers include:

So that includes me. What you want more? Hmm... Why don't I tell you the first time I met Serena. I first met her when she through her test paper at me, and boy was I surprised that she actually got a 30. So I said, "Are you stupid, or just incredibly lazy?". And that concludes on how I met Serena.

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