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Above is the TV opening to the American version of Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon R Movie
An old friend of Darien's and a new threat to the planet Earth!? This time the scouts will face hard monsters and later Fiore himself. I doubt DiC will release this movie due to a "crusification of Sailor Moon" scene.

亜美ちゃんの初恋 (Amy's First Love) ~ Special
Watch this movie online! Real Video file available! Amy had always thought that she would be number one in school always. One a day she sees that a Mercurius seems to always tie her scores. Could this be a new threat to the world?

Sailor Moon S Movie
Princess Kaguya is threatening the world with her snow dancers and she is planning to destroy the world by freezing it. Will the Sailor Scouts defeat her?

Sailor Moon Super S Movie
Apparently little children are disappearing! Even Rini! What are we to do?

Above are clips from the "Sailor Moon R Movie"

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