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Sailor Moon Dolls Please note I do not sell North American Sailor Moon toys! Thanks! This list is the official Bandai Product list. They are extremely hard to find and buy. Happy searching!

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Sailor Moon Toy Guide
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Sailor Moon 6-Inch Adventure Dolls:
Retail Value $7.00 Each; On sale August 1, 1995

Each of the five Sailor Scouts is fully poseable, with beautiful long hair to style, a glamorous new outfflt of shiny, glittery fabric, footwear, and long white gloves trimmed in a signature color. Sold separately, each doll comes with a miniature Moon Power Wand that looks just like the one the super heroes use on the television show.

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Serena's Bedroom Playsets:
Retail Value $8.50; On sale May 15, 1995

Floor and wall bedroom setting with bed, cloth bunny bedspread and pillow, features Serena in her coordinating outfit of pink pajamas. A six-inch doll is included with this set.

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Sailor Moon Dream Castle Playsets:
Retail Value $8.50; On sale May 15, 1995

Castle backdrop with free-standing golden arch, features Princess Serena in a long white gown, with a miniature golden pendant. A six-inch doll is included with this set.

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Sailor Moon Cycle:
Retail Value $10.00; On sale May 1, 1995

Action, fun and style are the key words for this jewel studded, crescent-shaped three-wheeler with golden starburst trim. Seats one 6-inch doll.

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Sailor Moon, Moon Scepter:
Retail Value $14.00; On sale August 1, 1995

Beautiful pink scepter embellished with a gold-tone crown; plays three separate tunes as lights flash and sparkle to the beat of the music.

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