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Hi! Let me introduce myself, Sailor Moon, I'll let Rini introduce herself later. What can I say, luck has it that I'm Sailor Moon! It all started when I was late for school.. OK so I'm late to school everyday so sue me. Anyhow I see these kids playing with this black cat, I then went to the rescue and helped the black cat. I couldn't stay to help her because I was already too late for school. Later that day i found out I got a 30 on my test and boy did mom get mad. Then the black cat came in and.. talked to me. Yeah I was scared at first, but hey who isn't at a talking cat?? And so that was how I became Sailor Moon. The powers I have are:

Sailor Moon Moon Tiara Power
In this attack I take my tiara off and then throw it as a frisbee. I use this attack in Sailor Moon. In Sailor Moon R can only use this when I am determined.

Moon Healing Power
At first I used my Moon Wand to do this task but I now (In Sailor Moon R) use my pendant to do so, in Sailor Moon R I say "Moon Cystal Power."

Moon Scepter (Elimination) Power
I use this power in Sailor Moon R, because in one of the episodes my tiara just stopped working.

Cosmic Moon Power
I use this power on monster that are too powerful and can't be defeated from my scepter.

Moon Spiral Heart Attack
This power was used to cure ordinary "items." I used this attack in Sailor Moon S.

Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
This was basically the same as "Moon Heart Spiral Attack" the name was changed because Super Sailor Moon was executing the attack.

Moon Gorgeous Meditation
This was to attack monsters in the Sailor Moon Super S series.

Starlight Honeymooon Therapy Kiss
This was a extremely cheesy attack used in Sailor Moon Sailor Stars series.

In Sailor Moon S I have what's called Moon Cosmic powerSailor Moon throwing her tiara make-up.
So far in Sailor Moon I've used Moon Prism Power, and in Sailor Moon R I've used Moon Crystal power. The attack I use in Sailor Moon S is Moon Spiral (Attack) Power. Well now it's your turn Rini.

Well at least Serena finally gave me a chance to talk. I am Rini I came from the future in search for the Empirium Silver Crystal when all along I did have it. I made many friends through my visit and I think I'm in love with Darien. In Sailor Moon R I was also Black Lady. I was turned into Black Lady by the Wiseman who wanted to use me against Serena. Guess that idea went bye-bye. I first turned into Sailor Chibi-Moon in Sailor Moon S. My powers are Pink Sugar (Attack) Power, I transform with Moon Prism Power.

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